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Travelling around Turkey - Çıralı/ Olympus - Journal

5th July 2022

Credit: Melek Y.
Çıralı/ Olympus

Woke up at 4.50 morning, went to beach with Mariya for breathing exercise. Breathing exercise sounds easy. Was not. Mariya is full of surprises. Everything she does looks so lighty, feathery, so passionate. In many cases I want to be like her. So fit, so beautiful, so wise, so brave. When she left today at 6.30 in the morning I realized I am already all this :)

So, breathing exercise. Think sit there and breath? Nope. There is a technique which balances each side: the feminine and the masculine. First you cover left nostril, breath in from the right, keep it 8 seconds, release other side… I never thought that it would so difficult. I was about to faint!

Felt somehow like suffocate. Realized that whether my feminine or my masculine side is balanced :D

5.30 am. Sunrise. Wow. Thank you for a new day.

40 minutes run. I danced in between. People tried not to look at me. Too embarrassing.

Song of the day: Aaliya - Try again. Super cool beat.

Had a shower. Listened to „Can’t get enough of your Love Baby“, Eric Faria.

Singing. The house lord knocked. Angry. Music off. It’s only 8.00 clock in the morning. This is a silent place. He hates me, I guess.

I stay at Aygün Pension. Need to change rooms. Again. Thank God same floor. Puh. It’s bayram. Everybodys in vaca mood. Glad to have found something. Room is smaller than the other. Sleeping right next to fridge. At night very loud. Sounds like there are mini people in and having a party. Laughters, LOLs, drinks and glasses clank. I look inside expecting a Playboy topless pool party. Nothing there besides the mulberries. Hm. I really wanted to join.

During work time I have to force me not listen to music. Especially not Apocalyse. I can’t resist and play it. Hmmmm… It catapults me directly to the beach, to Symbola , to love.

Remote working space is a challenge today. I placed a table and a blue plastic chair which burned my ass during heated day time in the middle of the hotels corridor to catch the best WiFi Conection. House lord looks at me hating. Me smiling he he. Doesnt help.

Keep changing my remote place between hotel, my coffee place Beaver, hotel. Too hot.

Talked to Clint on Video :) Felt so familiar. Feels like ages I haven’t seen him. How can that be? It was only on Saturday. I don’t understand. It felt good talking to him today. Mariya left for Kazachstan. I kind of felt soley. But at the same time glad to have time now to digest and reflect.

The most happiest moment:

Sunrise, seeing Clint

The most funniest:

Voice message from Ebru:

Tekne daha hala denize incek, ben tershaneciye dönüstüm.

Harika bir Yelken geciyor su an. Cok güzel. Ahhhh icindekilerde güzel. Ama birisi kel. Ama fit. Şekerim.

Ertesi günü ne olacagini bilmeden acaba benim hayatimami dönüştü? :D Niye dişleri beyaz insan benim karşima cikmiyor?? :D

Emotions: Insecure, happy, grateful

Pics of the day:

Pinterest - Jumped into this pictures. Looks passionate. Tried this before in Kelebekler Vadesi/ Ölüdeniz. Didn't look so elegant :D

The Çıralı weekly Bazaar is on Tuesdays.

This catched my attention. It looks fake plastic - It's not. It's so beautiful.


Places in Ölüdeniz:

Very good hotel:

Super romantic bay Butterfly Valley:


Coffee place with very good coffee.

The weekly bazaar where you can find fresh fruits & vegs and cheese is on Tuesdays.

Songs of the Day:

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